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About Caribbean Blue Boat Charters.

Meet the captains.

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Enter a world of unsurpassed pristine beauty!

Onboard one of our vessels, you will enjoy your day of wonder in supreme comfort. Caribbean Blue Boat Charters offers you 35 ft Marlins with the latest equipment and safety features technology has to offer. They run a pair of 300HP 4-stroke Yamahas regularly and professionally serviced at the Yamaha dealership. Specifically chosen for their smooth and dry ride make for a very pleasurable day on the Caribbean Sea.

Marlins have been quoted to ride like "Cadillacs" on the water. Comfort not only comes with how our vessels handle our seas but also offer ample seating both in the bow and aft of the boat.

In addition to Caribbean Blue Boat Charters having the best boats the Virgin Islands have to offer, we also go to great lengths to make sure that the captains are extremely knowledgeable of all the wonders of the islands, fully licensed 200 ton capacity as well as many safety certifications, and that they are always FUN and Entertaining! Don't be surprised if you run into your captains in the evening playing in a band.

Below please see the optional list of captains you can choose from...

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About Boat Charter Captains

Captain Nate

I moved to the Virgin Islands 13 years ago from Pittsburgh. I have 2 beautiful children, who are the “Loves of my Life” I cannot wait to introduce them to all the ocean has to offer. I could never imagine being very far from the sea, as I am pretty sure saltwater runs through my veins. Living on an island, boating is as essential as the air we breath. These islands & it’s waters have become my playground with different experiences & perspectives to be had every day. There is so much to see under and around the waters, that is only available to you by boat. My specialty is to figure out what YOU want to do & how to make your day on the water the most memorable day of your vacation! I have captained for sailboats and powerboats, semi private and term yacht charter throughout the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.  I have many hats as your captain: entertainer, historian, tour guide, lifeguard, comedian, meteorologist, marine biologist, bartender and more. Which keeps every day interesting, fun and different!  I take a great deal of pride in the care of this premium powerboat Marlin 35, which we call “Karma”. She is a huge part of what help provide you with the best experiences possible. She handles our Caribbean waters providing an extremely comfortable ride. 

Captain Anthony

Born and raised in the most beautiful place in the world, the Virgin Islands are what we call Paradise! From a young boy, I grew up with this motto “Eat, Sleep, Boat” because that’s exactly what I have done since then. With 14 years of experience-I’ve operated boats since I was 11 years old and was able to operate a 100 foot boat at 14!! Now 25. From sailing interisland ferries, transporting vehicles on barges, taxying guests to and from our other beautiful sister islands, taking apart boats and putting them back together, I’ve literally done it all! I’m pleased to ensure you that you can count on me to put safety first while exploring the ins and outs of our gorgeous waters! We may even make a quick stop to “My secret spots” but SHHHH! It’s a secret! Come on and enjoy one of the best boat trips you’ve ever experienced with me, can’t wait to sail into paradise with you!

Captain Alex

Born and raised in Virginia, I had my first taste of tropical paradise when I visited Hawaii at age 12. Already enamored with the beaches in North Carolina I was blown away by the "eternal summer" of the Hawaiian Islands. I told my parents right then and there that I would live somewhere like that for the rest of my life! After graduating college with a degree in Hospitality Management I moved down to the Virgin Islands and haven't looked back since. When I'm not driving boats you can find me surfing, free-diving, spear fishing, and pretty much anything else that involves the ocean. I truly believe I have the best job in the world, and I can't wait to share these beautiful and unique islands with you!

Captain David

Boat captain by day, musician by night! Living in the Caribbean  for me has been a dream come true… I get to take people boating all day, and get to perform in an acoustic duo in the evenings. My band is  called 3rd String Allstars. We play a variety of bars around St.  Thomas… So after we go boating, make sure to ask where I'll be  performing that night. One of my favorite quotes is, “You'll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do...” I believe I’m living my life very close to that motto. I'd love to give you the best day of your vacation!

Captain Paul

A veteran of the charter boat business in the Virgin Islands crewing on boats for 30 years and captaining for the past 20. When I am not driving boats you'll find me competing in various water sports competitions, most notably at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games where I represented the U.S. Virgin Islands in the sport of windsurfing. Having grown up in the islands in and around the water, my local knowledge and love for the area will make your adventure exploring paradise an unforgettable experience!


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